It's been a lovely year.

Although this blog has been less than eventful in recent months, much of my creative focus over the last 366 days was on my daily photo project of 2012: Daily Lovely. I took a photo a day of something lovely, happy, fun and enjoyable in my day. I've always been one to try to notice the little pops of happiness in each day, but this really allowed me to hone in on that skill! I had a great time chronicling my year via Instagram. The project is over but the effect will be lasting on me. Here are a few of my favorites from 2012:


Other highlights of this year included:

  • Turned 30! So far things keep looking up and I am enjoying this new decade.
  • Setting a goal to train and run my first race - then running 3 total by the end of the year! Somehow I was able to make the habit of running stick and I now pull it off consistently several times a week.
  • Took an introduction to metalsmithing class and learned how to make jewelry. It was pretty satisfying to get behind the bench and learn the basics to help get a better knowledge of the craft. 
  • Read some great books:
    • Born Standing Up by the admirable and hilarious Steve Martin - a memoir about his stand-up career and early life in general. It made me love and respect him even more than I already did - and that is saying a lot considering he is my second favorite comedian next to Bill Murray.
    • You're Not Doing it Right by Michael Ian Black - another hilarious yet touching insight into the life of another one of my favorite comedians. 
    • I Will Teach You to Be Rich by my new financial hero Ramit Sethi. I had seen his guide to automating your finances a long time ago but only started absorbing the rest of his material this year. There is a LOT of information tailored to young adults that is invaluable and written in the most easy to comprehend manner I have seen since I started taking an interest in financial planning after I graduated college. 
  • Took an incredible vacation to Bermuda and then told hurricane Leslie to eat my dust.
  • Fell in love with over and over again.
  • Kept my fingers crossed that Bill Murray would crash at my place on August 28. He was a no show but we still had a great time watching the best movie ever aka What About Bob.
  • Witnessed my first bluegrass live performance by Best Ever Chicken at Rosebud in Davis and can't believe I have been missing out on a ridiculously awesome genre in my life until now.
And lots more. 

Looking forward to 2013 and whatever the year decides to throw at me!