Fall Photo Shoots: Family Fun Time

Fall might just be the perfect time of year for outdoor photo shoots in New England. I had the pleasure of doing a few family photo shoots this year before all the leaves fell off the trees, and before gloves and hats were mandatory (OK - one shoot was borderline on the chilly side).

Family photo shoots are always fun and interesting. Getting a child to smile can be challenging, but the final product is always worth the effort! My favorite shots sometimes even end up being the outtakes - the ones that might not be fit for a holiday card, but definitely reflect the subjects' true personalities.

Here are a few of my favorites from Fall 2013. We have Asher, Jackson, and Caleb... with special appearances by their parents and occasional pets. All great families, I'm so lucky to have the chance to work with them and help them capture family moments.

Asher, Laura and Nathan

Jackson, Beth and Brian (and Cupcake)

Caleb, Emily and Christopher

What a bunch of good looking people! They make my job too easy!

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