Remembering Google Reader: Some of my favorite starred posts

I'm going to miss Google Reader. We have so many memories together. It's taught me so many things. But I guess nothing is forever.

As I was doing my final Google Reader business of exporting my feeds and making sure everything seamlessly transitions to Feedly, I went back through my starred items. I've been using Google Reader since 2008. It's funny to see how the topics of articles I've liked have changed and evolved as I have changed and evolved personally.

For nostalgia's sake, here are some of my favorite articles starred in Google Reader over the years:

What the Nose Knows | LOST Magazine, September 2008
White Pear Compote Recipe | Mad Tasty, December 2009
Stave Off Snacking by Brushing Your Teeth | Lifehacker, February 2010
The Etsy Seller Handbook | Etsy, November 2010
How to Survive a 10 Hour Flight Like a Lady | The Hairpin, September 2011
A Word About Cupcakes | HelloGiggles, October 2011
Dear Hydrangeas | The Hairpin, October 2011
Feed Any Vegan or Food-Allergy Prone Friend | Lifehacker, April 2012
Ten Thousand | xkcd, May 2012
DIY Strawberry Vodka | MakeZine, June 2012
Handmade Ryan Gosling | June 2012
How Many Have You Loved? | Mashable, October 2012
Progress | The Incurable Optimist, November 2012
The Annotated Wisdom of Louis C.K. | Splitsider, February 2013
How to Be Happy | I Will Teach You to Be Rich, April 2013

RIP Google Reader - you were a dear, reliable, wise friend!


by George Bernard Shaw