Glass Etching Tutorial: Etching Text on Wine Glasses

I have always wanted to try etching glass but never got around to it until this summer. I must say, I wish I didn't wait so long, because it is so easy and fun! I think I was deterred a while ago because I bought the wrong kind of glass etch cream and got frustrated. Well, frustration be gone, I picked up some Armour Etch glass etching cream and gave it another go, with great results!

Etching glass is simple:
- Apply your stencil
- block out any area you don't want to be etched with painters tape or vinyl
- Apply etching cream over the stencil
- Wait 5 minutes
- Rinse
- and Voila!

For my first project, I chose to simply etch the phrase "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on some stemless wine glasses as a gift for my aunt. It worked out pretty well. The phrase goes around the entire glass so it is tough to get a good shot, but here's the final product:

It was such a success that I needed to hire an apprentice for my next project!

I should probably mention that Armour Etch is clearly corrosive and safety precautions should be made when handling it. For example, wearing gloves is a good idea, and lining your workspace so no surfaces get scratched is also smart. It's an easy enough medium to handle!


  1. So fun - I did this with Erin (I think) once and it came out horribly (because I am awful at these projects!). I should try it again!