Russo-Japanese War: First war shown to the world through the media

On a recent trip to Portsmouth, NH, I stopped by the John Paul Jones House to view their exhibit on the Treaty of Portsmouth. The Treaty of Portsmouth of 1905 stands today as one of history's great peace negotiations. It ended the Russo-Japanese War and marked the emergence of a new era of diplomatic negotiations, multi-track diplomacy. This war was also the first war the world saw through the media.

By 1904, various media technologies were widely in use and a great number of publications could print lithographs and photography. Journalists sent numerous images of the war from the battlefield to the world. With no radio or television available, books, magazines, newspapers, posters, and postcards played a significant role on shaping public opinion.

Here are some photos of some of the postcards and printed material from this time period:

The treaty was signed on September 5, 1905. It was really interesting to learn about the Portsmouth Peace Treaty and America's role in making it happen. I would recommend a visit to the museum if you are in the area!

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