Color Blocked Book Case

The floors in my apartment were recently refinished, which meant strategically moving around furniture to fully expose the floors that needed work. When it was time to piece my apartment back together, I decided to try something new with the way I arrange my books in my bookcase.

I have never been a stickler about keeping books alphabetized, but I have always had them in some sort of order - usually by author and then by category (reference, home, design/photography, nonfiction, fiction...). I have also cut down on my book library over the years by donating the ones I really won't use anymore to a person or place who could use them, so I only have one moderately sized book case to deal with.

This time around, I decided to group my books by color. Yes - a color blocked book case. It is more pleasing to the eye, and since I have a manageable amount of books, I can still find the book I am looking for very quickly, even if it's next to a totally unrelated book.

Sure - it's not perfect. It just so happens I have a colorful array of books with varying color levels, but I think it's a nice change at least! I particularly like the colors of the middle two shelves. 

It was also interesting to see how some books that fall in the same general category also have similar color patterns. The yellow block is mostly cook books and home-related books (yes I keep cookbooks in the book case, not the kitchen), and the pink block is mostly - you guessed it - books written with a female audience in mind. The blue section is almost all astrology books, with a little Martha Stewart Home Living thrown in for good measure!

I'm pleased with my book case color pattern and look forward to seeing how the rainbow grows over time!


  1. I love this idea. We should do this in our apartment. We have so many books.

  2. i thought of you guys, i bet it would look cool in your place!