Sewing by Pattern at The Stitch House

I recently had the great opportunity to learn how to sew by pattern through a private workshop run by Beth Brennick for members of Boston Handmade. The Stitch House in Dorchester offered their space for us to use which was so gracious of them!

The Stitch House is a knitting, crochet, and sewing store offering high quality materials and supplies such as yarn, fabric, notions, tools, etc. The Stitch House also offers classes in all of the fiber arts including sewing, quilting, knitting and more. They are conveniently right off the Red Line at the JFK stop and I could truly spend hours in there! Here are some pictures of the interior:

Being a beginner sewer, I chose to learn how to assemble a tote bag. Beth did a great job helping us follow patterns and assisted us with steps A through Z until we all ended up with the final product. Here is a picture of my first tote bag, taken by Kerry Hawkins:

Now that I have the basics down, I can't wait to start sewing more and look forward to seeing what I will come up with next!

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