P2PU: School of Webcraft

I really like learning more about web development but don't have the time to fit in an actual structured, scheduled course to hone my skills. If you are like me, then you might really appreciate School of Webcraft.

School of Webcraft is an opportunity for those who want to learn more about certain applications to do so for free. Presented by P2PU, Anyone who wants to lend their skills and creativity to the cause of keeping the internet open is welcome to propose a course. It’s a chance to for everyone — not just software developers and testers — to get involved. Who? Teachers. Lawyers. Artists. Accountants. Plumbers. Web Developers. Anyone who uses and cares about the internet.

And it is a chance for those who want to learn, but have been hesitant due to limitations. Oh... and you can take these courses for free!

This semester's courses begin January 26. To see a list of classes available, and to apply, visit this link.

Need a crash course in HTML and CSS? Want to learn Python? Curious about Wordpress Development? Then now is the time for you to do something about it! Enjoy!


  1. This sounds so useful!! Thanks for sharing. Wonder if they do summer courses...

  2. if you sign up for their mailing list, you can get notifications when new semesters begin. It is new, and this is only their second semester, but it is growing in popularity so i am sure they will continue this!