The Oedipus Christmas Eve Broadcast

Last year, WFNX Radio in Boston brought back a Christmas tradition - they broadcasted the long-running Christmas Eve show hosted by legendary radio personality and programmer Oedipus. It is a commercial free radio holiday extravaganza featuring Christmas music from around the world, new and old, drawn from many genres and heard virtually nowhere else. Before 2009, the special would broadcast on the now defunct WBCN, but WFNX jumped in to keep the dream alive!

This broadcast is really the highlight of my Christmas. OK... friends and family and togetherness is a big part of the holiday, as is partying for Jesus' birthday, but there is something about listening to The Oedipus Christmas Eve broadcast alone in a car or at home, unwinding from family craziness, that is really very calming. You can't help but feel nostalgic, thankful, and introspective.

The Oedipus Christmas Eve show will air without commercial interruption on Friday, December 24th, from 6pm until midnight. WFNX can be heard at 101.7 FM in Greater Boston, at 92.1 in New Hampshire, and streaming worldwide at

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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  1. This house is down the street from my parents'! It's not as elaborate this year...