My Etsy Wish List

As many of you can probably relate, I enjoy browsing to see what catches my eye. I love stumbling upon something new and interesting. I also love looking at my old favorites sometimes. Here are some items that remain at the very top of my Etsy wish list:

Seven Deadly Sins Plates by Trixie Delicious

 Sweet Dreams Decoupage Door Hanger by Trixie and Radar

Cross Section of a Cloud by Cate Anevski

Ghostbusters Wooden Peg People by Randomly Generated
 Cushion Cut Aquamarine in Rose Gold Ring by One Garnet Girl

Wine Bottle Cheese Plate and Cracker Tray by Big Sky


  1. I adore those wine bottle plates. Alex and I saw some being sold at a street fair last time we were in NYC. I wanted one so badly, but passed. Maybe I'll have to get one off etsy!

  2. Love all this stuff! I somehow hadn't understood the wonders of etsy until just recently and am HOOKED. Christmas is around the corner so make sure your family sees this post ;)