Etsy Space Craft Contest

This week Etsy announced a mission to outer space. To honor the close of the Space Shuttle Program, Etsy is partnering with NASA and hosting an exciting contest. They are calling for artists inspired by NASA, its programs and the wonders of space exploration to submit their work and enter for a chance to attend an actual space shuttle launch, among other great prizes. It's out of this world!

I am entering the following piece in the 2D category... wish me luck!

My Etsy Wish List

As many of you can probably relate, I enjoy browsing to see what catches my eye. I love stumbling upon something new and interesting. I also love looking at my old favorites sometimes. Here are some items that remain at the very top of my Etsy wish list:

Seven Deadly Sins Plates by Trixie Delicious

 Sweet Dreams Decoupage Door Hanger by Trixie and Radar

Cross Section of a Cloud by Cate Anevski

Ghostbusters Wooden Peg People by Randomly Generated
 Cushion Cut Aquamarine in Rose Gold Ring by One Garnet Girl

Wine Bottle Cheese Plate and Cracker Tray by Big Sky

A million wishes for peace for John Lennon's birthday, October 9th

Help Yoko Ono get one million wishes for peace in honor of John Lennon's 70th birthday!

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"All You Need Is Love"

Boston Line by Line: City Wide Creative Writing

Are you a reader? Are you into creative writing? If you answered yes to either, you will definitely want to make time to stop by the second annual Boston Book Festival on Saturday, October 16 in Copley Square.

One can't miss event is Boston Line by Line: City Wide Creative Writing sponsored by Union Park Press. Festivalgoers at this year’s Boston Book Festival are invited to stop by the Union Park Press booth to add a sentence in city-themed stories started by fellow Bostonians. Each story will be limited to one or two pages of text. When one story ends, the next one begins. Notable Bostonians who’ve been generous enough to “donate” a first line include Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River and Shutter Island, Junot Díaz, author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and Susan Sloane, managing editor of WCVB TV’s Chronicle. The end result will be a collection of short-shorts collaboratively written by book festival attendees—available free of charge on the Union Park Press website after the festival.

Union Park Press publisher Nicole Vecchiotti says, “We wanted to blur the line between readers and writers, and do something that would also tap into the city’s creativity.” Vecchiotti describes the project as a simple writing exercise. “But we’re hoping that taking what is usually a classroom exercise and extrapolating it to the entire festival will add some excitement—not to mention that some lucky attendee will be able to write the concluding sentence to a story prompted by Bert and John of Life is Good, Nick Flynn, or Chef Ken Oringer.”

Just in case you were wondering...

What do the alphabet, pop culture, and classic board games all have in common? They are all part of some very exciting new projects I have been working on! They are all in "development" stages but I am kicking myself into high gear and getting some serious new stuff going. I'll be rolling out a new photo series, some housewares, some hyper-focused miscellaneous projects...

Anyway, it is all top secret but I am excited to make progress and should have some new and exciting stuff before the new year!