Happy almost Valentine's Day kind of.

It is February which means we are half a month away from Valentine's Day! Here are some of my favorite luuuurve related handmade items:

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight print by Sophie Blackall
Sophie Blackall illustrates missed connection posts she finds on websites like craigslist

Ode to Lloyd Dobbler by Elloh
John Cusack, will you be my Valentine?

HEART Coded DNA Double Helix Necklace by Resplendent Red Head
OK you probably would not catch me wearing this but it is still pretty clever.

Your Are the CSS to my HTML t-shirt by Pop & Shorty
Who is the Casanova who came up with this line? Marry me.

Belongs to You mini triptych by John W. Golden
Pretty and sweet!

All You Need Is Love print by Danita
Words to live by!

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