National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

Today kicks off National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week. This week, take the time to rediscover the lost art of letter writing!

Armstrongs win Owl City Fan Video Contest!

Congrats to Arian and Daniel Armstrong for winning the Owl City fan video contest! Arian, a former Boston Handmader, and her husband teamed up to create a video for the band Owl City's song Vanilla Twilight. Out of all of the entries, they won the grand prize of a trip to see Owl City on their upcoming tour in the US city of their choosing! They deserve it... look how awesome their video is:

I'd rather take a picture than share 1000 words.

I have never considered myself much of a copywriter. I like to be succinct, short and sweet, to the point. Summarizing a topic is not a problem, but elaborating is tricky for me, and I sometimes have a hard time putting into words what I would like to articulate. I have been aware of this since the early struggles of book reports with a minimum required length of five paragraphs. Grade school book reports turned into high school essays calling for five pages (or more), double spacing, 1" margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. Let's not talk about college - I'd like to forget my cultural geography project on Scandinavian bodies of water.

Elliot Erwitt said, "The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words." I like the way he thinks. Here are some of his photos... I think he has succeeded to tell a story without saying anything at all:

Take a picture, make a wish!

Get into it! I am going to try to remember to take this challenge proposed by Art House Co-op tonight (these are the same people who brought you The Sketch Book Project). The idea is for everybody to take a photo at the exact same moment and they will display them all at their grand opening exhibition in Brooklyn on February 26 in a photographic collage...

Call to action:
Tonight, Friday February 5,
at exactly 11:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, take a picture of whatever you're doing. We understand that in some time zones it will be the wee hours of the night, and that's fine. Think of it as a challenge. Rig up your computer to automatically snap a photo at 11:11. Set your alarm to wake you up 30 seconds before, snap the shot, and go back to bed. We're trying to create a snapshot of the world at the exact same moment.

After you take your photo, print it out and send it to us! Please make it a professional quality print and at 4x6 inches with no border around it. This is absolutely free and we simply want your involvement in the exhibition. Every photo we receive back will be included in the exhibition. We can't send your photo back afterwards, but it will be archived and become part of the permanent collection in the library.

Make sure your 4x6 inch snapshot gets to us before February 22nd! Send it to:
Art House Gallery
C/o The 11:11 Project
201 Richards St #16
Brooklyn, NY 11231

What will YOU be doing???

Happy almost Valentine's Day kind of.

It is February which means we are half a month away from Valentine's Day! Here are some of my favorite luuuurve related handmade items:

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight print by Sophie Blackall
Sophie Blackall illustrates missed connection posts she finds on websites like craigslist

Ode to Lloyd Dobbler by Elloh
John Cusack, will you be my Valentine?

HEART Coded DNA Double Helix Necklace by Resplendent Red Head
OK you probably would not catch me wearing this but it is still pretty clever.

Your Are the CSS to my HTML t-shirt by Pop & Shorty
Who is the Casanova who came up with this line? Marry me.

Belongs to You mini triptych by John W. Golden
Pretty and sweet!

All You Need Is Love print by Danita
Words to live by!