ReadyMade Magazine Discounted Subscription

OK, some may argue that print is dying. Some may say even say it is dead. I'd like to see it continue a happy, healthy life though... while I consume a lot of content and information online, I still enjoy sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine or reading a book in bed before I fall asleep.
One magazine I enjoy reading is ReadyMade Magazine. They have a lot of fun, interesting, and functional ideas for improving or creating just about everything. This week, you can help print stay alive on a budget by taking advantage of Amazon's special rate on a year's subscription to Readymade Magazine: Just $6 for a year of issues! The special rate only lasts until Saturday. If you miss it, you could still buy one year, get one free at ReadyMade's website.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I just took advantage of it and ordered a subscription!