Sidewalk Driver - CD Release

I recently designed album artwork for Boston based band Sidewalk Driver, for whom I also design show flyers. It was a lot of fun coming up with concepts and executing the ideas for the album artwork. The album title is "For All the Boys and Girls," so our initial idea was to have a kind of Dick and Jane feel, like the old children's books, but with some manipulated imagery:

Then we worked on an alternative concept themed similarly to the Dangerous Book for Boys/Daring Book for Girls covers. We tried for a neutral background color and storybook font:

After some back and forth, the third and final album concept was born: a kid's birthday party. We found a retro kitchen (in the beautiful home of another Boston musician Sarah RabDAU), set up a birthday party scene, and also included some symbols found in some of the songs on their new album (I'm not telling what the symbols are... you'll have to buy the cd and find out!).

Here is the final cover:
Inside left cover:

And actual disc:

I haven't seen the finished product yet. I'll be picking up my copies at their upcoming CD Release Show this coming Saturday, October 3 at TT The Bear's Place in Cambridge. Here is the invite, bring all your friends!

Little People, Big Song

I really like the Little People - A Tiny Street Art Project website which features macro shots of small figures in street scenes. I also really like the new song "Uprising" by Muse. So wouldn't you know... the music video (they still make those?) has some similar styling to the Little People website:

And who doesn't like teddy bears...?

2009 Boston Bazaar Bizarre!

Mark your calendars for the 2009 Boston Bazaar Bizarre! I'll be showcasing my work as a member of the Boston Handmade team and in the company of 80 amazing and talented vendors.

Boston Bazaar Bizarre

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

BCA Cyclorama
539 Tremont St
Boston, MA

Admission $1

Because of the awesomeness of this event, it fills up quickly, so plan to get there early and avoid the long lines!!!