Road Trip to California

I recently drove from the east to the west coast - Boston to San Diego. I took maybe 600 pictures... they are overwhelming me so I am going through them bit by bit. Here is a sample of what we saw on our trip, with more to come. The set is on flickr or you can keep reading and click picture for larger image:

Blurry beginnings in Boston
blurry beginnings

we put the OH in Ohio!

Nebraska sky. I couldn't get enough of it.

Gas station in Colorado
colorado gas station

Driving through the Rocky Mountains at night (bad idea btw)
the rockies at night

Utah, my favorite state.

My favorite state with some favorite people.
utah with the girls

Vegas, baby!
vegas baby

Straight on into frantic oblivion.
straight on into frantic oblivion

San Diego bike rack
san diego bike stand

John Lennon mural
john lennon mural

Flowers by our hotel in Pacific Beach

... and so many more.

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  1. I love the photos and your are posting more. can't wait to see more