My photography is featured in a great new book about Boston!

The next time you are in a book store, be sure to check out The Die-Hard Sports Fans Guide to Boston written by Christopher Klein and published by Union Park Press. I am excited to have been chosen as a contributing photographer to the book. Check out my Souvenirs Sign picture in the color section!

A bit about the book from the Union Park Press website:

"Forget the Freedom Trail and the Swan Boats—the real heart and soul of Boston lives among the fans at Fenway Park, the mobs lining the route of the Boston Marathon, the tailgaters at Boston College, and the crowds celebrating yet another the championship for the Pats, Sox, and Celtics. With Boston home to some of the greatest legends in sports history and such venerable traditions as the Head of the Charles and memorable settings as the Green Monster, it’s no wonder that the city isn’t just passionate about sports—it’s absolutely obsessed.

Paying tribute to Boston’s rich and storied sports history, The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston is the first and only comprehensive guide to the incredible range of spectator sporting events in and around the Hub. From minor- and major-league baseball, football, basketball, and hockey to soccer and college teams, here’s the practical information that devoted fans need:

  • How to get tickets (even at the last minute)
  • How to save cash
  • Where to eat
  • The best spots for autographs
  • Sports landmarks around the city
  • Itineraries for out-of-town pilgrimages
  • Worldwide listings of Boston sports bars
  • The “Top Ten Things All Boston Fans Must Do Before the Fat Lady Sings”
It really is an amazing book jam-packed with great info about Boston and the sports in and around us. Any sports fan will not be able to put it down. It makes a great gift, too! (I don't get royalties, it is just that good!)

Road Trip to California

I recently drove from the east to the west coast - Boston to San Diego. I took maybe 600 pictures... they are overwhelming me so I am going through them bit by bit. Here is a sample of what we saw on our trip, with more to come. The set is on flickr or you can keep reading and click picture for larger image:

Blurry beginnings in Boston
blurry beginnings

we put the OH in Ohio!

Nebraska sky. I couldn't get enough of it.

Gas station in Colorado
colorado gas station

Driving through the Rocky Mountains at night (bad idea btw)
the rockies at night

Utah, my favorite state.

My favorite state with some favorite people.
utah with the girls

Vegas, baby!
vegas baby

Straight on into frantic oblivion.
straight on into frantic oblivion

San Diego bike rack
san diego bike stand

John Lennon mural
john lennon mural

Flowers by our hotel in Pacific Beach

... and so many more.

A Sucessful Day at SoWa

Sunday was the Boston Handmade group show at The SoWa Open Market. The morning was rainy for set up but the sky cleared in time for SoWa to begin and it turned out to be a great day! Beth of Elizabeth Brennick Designs was kind enough to share her tent with me. Our neighbors were Jen of Blue Alvarez Designs, Crystal of Vintage by Crystal, and Louise of The Hole Thing.
Jessica of Reclaimed to You took this nice picture of me and my neighbors:

and here is a picture of our tent:

I was happy to have the chance to be part of the SoWa Open Market, it's such a great group of artists and really well executed. It was a strong group of vendors and I was lucky to have a chance to participate.
I picked up some art from Amy of Bumble Belly Designs. I had trouble choosing so I picked three small works. I think this is the beginning of a collection!
In other SoWa news, Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography started to learn how to knit on Sunday. Go Lucie! Speaking of photography, I promised Kerry of Kerry Hawkins Photography that I would upload new photos soon. Sorry, Kerry. I know. I know. They are coming. I have them, I swear.

I know people.

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