How to make Beach Themed Cupcakes


Recently, I went to a Cupcakes and Champagne party. Clearly, this was a great reason to make themed cupcakes. In the dead of winter, what theme is most desirable? You got it: Beach themed cupcakes. I was inspired by yogi_lo's beach themed cupcakes on flickr and decided to create my own.


For the cupcake, I made both cappuccino brownie and vanilla funfetti bases. For the frosting, I took some "white" whipped frosting and added some blue food color until I got the desired sea blue. I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand and Teddy Grahams as my beach-goers. The rest of the elements were hand formed out of marzipan and tinted accordingly with food coloring.


I made a variety of scenes. I made happy swimming and surfing scenes, and also some shark attack and red tide scenes. I had SO much fun making these... maybe too much fun.


  1. They are so cute thanks for sharing 20 degrees today make me think of summer.

  2. Wow, and here I thought you could never top the Tetris brownies. Clearly I was mistaken.

  3. Extremely detailed and pretty fantastic advices on how to make beach themed cupcakes.Thank you and good job