Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Thanks to Shake and Bake over at Mad Tasty for inspiring me to make these vampire bite cupcakes for Halloween! It all started with their clever vampire cookies influenced by Baking Bites. Turns out Baking Bites had another tutorial for vampire cupcakes so I tried them out and look what happened:

I whipped up these delightful strawberry and vanilla cupcakes... complete with strawberry filling... because what is a Halloween treat without simulated blood and guts? The bites were made by piercing the tops with a skewer and trailing it a bit through the icing with leftover strawberry filling at the tip of the skewer.
Here's hoping you have a Halloween filled with plenty of more tasty treats!

Fancy Feast

An ash tray full of cat toys. Well, I guess it is better than being filled with cigarettes.

Letters to Cleo

Above is a student project I worked on in college: A sketch of a CD jacket. I chose to make a greatest hits album for Letters to Cleo, one of my all time favorite bands.
They are playing two reunion shows at the Paradise on December 8 and 9, tickets go on sale this Saturday, October 11. I'm pretty psyched.

Boston Handmade at SOWA Open Market October 12

More than 26 members of Boston Handmade will be exhibiting their work at the Sowa Open Market on Sunday, October 12th from 10am - 5pm.

Showing and selling handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, house wares, art, photography, toys, and sculpture. Boston Handmade promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works in small studio environments, not factories. For more info about Boston Handmade visit:

Mini Tile Collages

I took some spare tile blocks and made these mini collages out of images from a vintage Vogue magazine... thanks Mimi Kirchner for offering her stash of old magazines in a recent Boston Handmade swap!

Mini Tile Collages