Two Weeks until Baked Fresh

I am really looking forward to Baked Fresh on Sunday, October 5. It is a special installment of the South End Open Market which will feature local music, art, and funky handmade wares. Many Boston Handmade members will be there, among other amazing artists!
Also, if you wear a pair of converse sneakers, you can enter a raffle to win free items from the market. So random.

Baked Fresh will be at 540 Harrison Avenue on Sunday, October 5 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Trendy Tetris Brownies

I would like to extend a great big thank you to Craft Magazine and for featuring my Tetris Brownies this weekend! I am happy to spread the love and hope people have fun trying out the recipe.

Tetris Brownies

I am amazed by the efforts of one reader... my Tetris brownies inspired this video:

This is definitely motivation to create more themed food like my Tetris cookies and snake stromboli... whatever will I do next?

Lost Magazine

"As we go through our daily lives, we live largely in the now and in the future. But we stand on a past that still surrounds us in the form of whispers: whispers of old buildings, old objects, old lives. Whispers that, every day, go lost.

LOST Magazine is all about reclaiming those things that the world has passed by, that may or may not still be whispering around us."

Have you checked out Lost Magazine? If not, you should. A notable article this month is "What the Nose Knows" by Avery Gilbert; be prepared to recall smellscapes you forgot existed.

3191: A Year of Evenings

3191: A Year of Evenings is a visual log of the day to day lives of two friends who live on either side of the United States. Each day, there is a new post with two pictures: One from each side of the states. What a fantastic idea... they do a great job at bringing to life the mundane details that slip past us each day.