Rubik's Cube Cake

No, I haven't made one... yet! But I found some directions on how to put one "sweet" Rubik's Cube Cake together once I am ready to try. If you want to make your own Rubik's Cube Cake, check out this tutorial.

Fenway Park

I went on a tour of Fenway Park yesterday and I am excited about some of the new pictures I got. I took almost a hundred, so I hope that once I go through them all, I will have a good handful of nice shots to add to my collection.

How to Make Tetris Brownies (or Tetris Cookies)


Who doesn't love Tetris? Fit the tetrads (or tetrominoes or blocks) together the best you can without any spaces. Keep the game going by forming unbroken lines that disappear to steer clear of building the blocks all the way up to the top of the screen (this action = game over). This is one of the only video games I have ever really enjoyed (Super Mario and Guitar Hero excluded). I remember when my classmates and I figured out how to load Tetris onto our TI-83 calculators in high school. This discovery made math class much more fun.

Well, now you can have your Tetris and eat it, too. Allow me to introduce my first batch of Tetris Brownies. These Tetris Brownies are really easy to make, and while the process of cutting the tetrominoes out is kind of tedious, I definitely recommend trying it out for fun.

To start, I prepared a batch of brownie mix as usual and baked it in a shallow cookie sheet rather than a regular cake pan. I did this because I wanted the brownies to be thin and soft-cookie-like, but making regular thickness brownies would also be just fine.

Since I made these brownies thinner than normal, I also cut down the baking time. The baking process would have normally taken around 30 minutes, but this batch only took 10. I just kept an eye on the pan and took it out when it looked about right. The trick is to not let them bake too long.

Next, while the brownies were cooling, I mixed up my tetris color frostings into seven separate bowls. It turns out that Tetris colors have varied over the years, so I settled on matching the colors to the tetrads in the Free Tetris game online. My colors included yellow, orange, red, magenta, cyan, blue, and green. I achieved these colors mixing white vanilla frosting and food coloring accordingly.

Now comes the hardest part: Cutting out the blocks. I will admit that while I made every effort to keep them proportional, these Tetris Brownies are not as uniform as I had hoped, but they still taste spectacular! Maybe next time I will try making Tetris Cookies with sugar cookie mix.

Lastly, I frosted the pieces with their appropriate tetris colors. This was the fun part where it all came together. I made the finishing touches by making tick marks with a butter knife to simulate the breaks in the tetrads.

All in all, this was a fun baking project for a Saturday morning. Maybe next time I will try making a Rubiks Cube Cake!

The Art of the Post Card

One of my least favorite things about being an adult is paying bills. Receiving these bills in the mail is also not any fun. The blow of receiving bills in the mail has been lessened with the option to go paperless having become more and more popular over the last few years, but still, they come.
I am sure I am not the only one whose heart leaps a little when the mailbox has something more to offer than the latest electric payment or this year's excise tax due. In an increasingly technological age, personal mail is becoming more and more sparse, so I am always excited when a post card or note arrives among the sea of ads, bills, and junk mail.

My friend Dave is very good at maintaining a snail mail relationship. Every now and then, a new post card shows up at my door. The notes are always short and sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes nonsensical, but always uplifting in one way or another. The post card idea is great, too, because you get to personalize your message with an image of your choice! Sometimes Dave sends comic book cards, sometimes they are colorful patterns, and sometimes they are images of his own artwork or photography.
I, in turn, do my best to keep up my end of the post card exchange. I wonder what will show up in my mailbox next...?

Fenway Park Picture in Boston NOW Newspaper

If you read Boston Now on your weekday commute, be sure to check it out on Tuesday, April 8, 2008. For the Boston Red Sox opening day, Boston NOW will be printing my Fenway Park photo in their reader's photos section.

Go Sox!

Update: The Sox won, and you can download the April 8, 2008 issue of Boston NOW here. I am on page 2!

New Website

I redesigned my website and launched version 2 of yesterday. I am using a new hosting service and think it is now a lot more user friendly. Check it out here:

Extra, Extra!

ReadyMade Magazine has launched their magazine online! If you haven't had the chance to browse one of their issues, check out this month's issue free on their website.

ReadyMade is a bimonthly print magazine for people who like to make stuff, who see the flicker of invention in everyday objects — the perfectly round yolk in the mundane egg. You'll find tons of great projects and good-to-know info on everything house, home, and life related. Each issue is always a good read.

This month, I particularly like the Custom Earth Bowls from Fluid Forms. They allow you to pick a location of choice, plug in the coordinates on their website, and then have a wooden bowl personally crafted to resemble the peaks and valleys of your chosen neighborhood! What will they think of next!