New Fenway Prints and Preparing for Boston Handmade Marketplace

I added a new selection of my Fenway Park prints to my Etsy shop this weekend. There are still more to come, but this is the first of the new batch. I'll have some of them for sale at the Boston Handmade Marketplace coming up on June 28. It is approaching quickly... I need to get my inventory in order!

Snakes... why'd it have to be snakes?

Unless you are busy living under a rock or guarding the Holy Grail, you may have heard that "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was released this past weekend... and what is a new Indiana Jones movie without a marathon of the original three first? For the Indiana Jones marathon on Saturday, I made a snake themed stromboli. I think it was a much better choice than the bugs or monkey brains they ate in the real movies.

I swear it looked more snake like before it hit the oven. "A" for effort.

Felt Fortune Cookies

A while ago, I found this easy tutorial on how to make felt fortune cookies. I'd been waiting to find time to sit down and make a few. Recently, I had a friend who could use some good fortune, so I decided she would get my first felt fortune cookie experiment!

Making the fortune cookies was really simple. The tutorial suggests machine sewing, but I opted to sew by hand, and I think the result is just as good. I also altered the pattern slightly, but you will notice once you begin that there are probably several ways to achieve this final product. I used tan felt with a slightly contrasting yellow thread.

The fun part is writing the fortune and giving it away! Next time around, I might experiment with different color felts, fabrics, and sizes.


I decided to put some old sweaters to use and try my hand at making a stuffed animal. This repurposed creature is my first try... sure, there are imperfections, sure, he is not quite symmetrical, but I love him just the same! I made this stuffed animal partially by hand and partially by sewing machine. I am still working on mastering my sewing machine! Baby steps...

And Now For Something Completely Different

This is pretty much the way I will remember him... and also, the way he played a mean "Happy Birthday" on his accordion.

Matt Frado - Backyard Bluegrass

Matt Frado - Mobile Bluegrass

We'll miss you, Frado. May we someday meet again.

Save the Date - June 28 - Boston Handmade Marketplace

Boston Handmade Marketplace

Union Square, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 28 from 3pm to 7pm

Find Us!

The Boston Handmade Marketplace is an outdoor fair featuring work by Massachusetts artists, craftspeople and artisans associated with the arts group Boston Handmade and Helping people make a living making things.

This fair promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works.

Over 20 artists, artisans, and craftspeople will be showing and selling handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, housewares, art, photography, toys, and sculpture. Also on tap will be live music, craft demonstrations, and more!!

Presented by the Somerville Arts Council and ArtsUnion

Visit for more info.

New Fenway Photos

I added a few of my pictures from my tour of Fenway Park to my website. I'm still working on going through all of them - there are a lot - but these are some of my favorites so far. Prints will arrive in my online shop soon.

The Work of El Lohse

I'd just like to take a moment to mention the work of El Lohse. She is a woman after my own heart. Her artwork features characters from such films as those by Wes Anderson and television programs like The Office (both the British and American versions). You will also laugh at her Lincoln Log keychains. Her prints make great little gifts. I have purchased from her before and she is also a pleasure to deal with. Check out Elloh!

Somerville Open Studios This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Somerville Open Studios. I look forward to this event every year! Visit over 300 artist studios on May 3 and May 4 from noon to 6 pm. Walk, drive, or take the free trolley to and from the studios located all over the city. Download the map to find your way to all the stops you want to make. My favorite stop is Vernon Street, which is conveniently where my uncle Joerg Fraske's studio is located. At Vernon Street, you can spend a good chunk of time popping in and out of the many studios that fill two multi level buildings.