How to Make Tetris Brownies (or Tetris Cookies)


Who doesn't love Tetris? Fit the tetrads (or tetrominoes or blocks) together the best you can without any spaces. Keep the game going by forming unbroken lines that disappear to steer clear of building the blocks all the way up to the top of the screen (this action = game over). This is one of the only video games I have ever really enjoyed (Super Mario and Guitar Hero excluded). I remember when my classmates and I figured out how to load Tetris onto our TI-83 calculators in high school. This discovery made math class much more fun.

Well, now you can have your Tetris and eat it, too. Allow me to introduce my first batch of Tetris Brownies. These Tetris Brownies are really easy to make, and while the process of cutting the tetrominoes out is kind of tedious, I definitely recommend trying it out for fun.

To start, I prepared a batch of brownie mix as usual and baked it in a shallow cookie sheet rather than a regular cake pan. I did this because I wanted the brownies to be thin and soft-cookie-like, but making regular thickness brownies would also be just fine.

Since I made these brownies thinner than normal, I also cut down the baking time. The baking process would have normally taken around 30 minutes, but this batch only took 10. I just kept an eye on the pan and took it out when it looked about right. The trick is to not let them bake too long.

Next, while the brownies were cooling, I mixed up my tetris color frostings into seven separate bowls. It turns out that Tetris colors have varied over the years, so I settled on matching the colors to the tetrads in the Free Tetris game online. My colors included yellow, orange, red, magenta, cyan, blue, and green. I achieved these colors mixing white vanilla frosting and food coloring accordingly.

Now comes the hardest part: Cutting out the blocks. I will admit that while I made every effort to keep them proportional, these Tetris Brownies are not as uniform as I had hoped, but they still taste spectacular! Maybe next time I will try making Tetris Cookies with sugar cookie mix.

Lastly, I frosted the pieces with their appropriate tetris colors. This was the fun part where it all came together. I made the finishing touches by making tick marks with a butter knife to simulate the breaks in the tetrads.

All in all, this was a fun baking project for a Saturday morning. Maybe next time I will try making a Rubiks Cube Cake!


  1. if you want the frosting to be smooth spritz with water then smooth with frosting spatula.

  2. Anonymous9/06/2008

    Very cool idea... we made them this morning and they were delicious... we even played a little game... here's the movie...

  3. Anonymous9/06/2008

    Spritz what with water?

  4. Shadow9/06/2008

    How do you mix Cyan from normal food colors?

  5. thanks for the feedback!
    i am VERY impressed with the youtube video!

    and as far as mixing colors... it was mostly trial and error!

  6. I've linked this post in my blog and I've used your photo to ilustrate the post ( giving credit to you) If it is a problem just write me and I will remove the photo. Thanks!

  7. whoa that youtube video is amazing.

  8. That is an AWESOME idea! I love tetris and I love baking. I'll totally do this with cookies :)

  9. Thats a great recipe. But I don't know why when I seee that i have a need to prepare and then eats muffins. If only I knew how

  10. Ahhhh! This is so great. I can't wait to go make some brownies. Oh, the Tetris memories!

  11. des4maisons6/24/2009

    I made these for my wedding :) they were a huge hit.

    thanks for the great idea!

  12. Here's a link to an updated version of the game you linked to. This one's got a mute button so you won't have to worry about everyone at the office knowing you're playing Tetris!

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