Spring Plans

I am really looking forward to finding time to get out and take some more pictures in Boston and surrounding areas as soon as the weather is warm enough for me to hold my camera in my hands comfortably. Since I work in town and the days are getting longer, I will have no excuse. I'd like to try out both arriving in town early to take some morning shots as well as taking my time finding my way home in the late afternoon and evening.
Another plan is to get some great new Fenway shots. My friend has pretty much commissioned me to be her unofficial interior decorator and she wants a Fenway Park theme, so I will give her the Fenway Park theme. She is actually the very first person to have ever owned my Fenway Park print that is available in my Etsy shop.

A lot of people don't know the story behind the red seat at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. Seat 21 in Row 37 of Section 42, known simply as the red seat, marks the spot where Ted Williams hit the longest home run in Fenway Park’s 84-year history on June 9, 1946.
On top of all of the other projects I want to tackle like master my sewing machine, knit some more, and design a cook book, it looks like I have a busy season ahead of me!

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