New Cards for New Babies

It is true that I have not added any new material to my online shop in a while, there is no denying that. I have, however, been keeping a growing list of ideas that I plan on creating as soon as I get a chance! I found time today to make some new "Congratulations on Your New Baby" cards that I have had brewing for a while and I am excited to launch them in my Etsy shop. These are not your average baby cards, so I hope they are a hit, especially among the science crowd!

That's right: Congratulations on Your New XX or XY! Show those new parents that you think they have good genes with these quirky cards that you definitely won't find at the Hallmark Store.
I laughed out loud at work when I came up with this chromosome idea in the middle of the day, so now I get to share my excitement with the rest of the word!

1 comment:

  1. fun! i want to buy one for my new nephew! can i get one from you next time i see you and avoid the shipping fees? yay these are really cute and my sister has been bugging me to get cameron a card for his baby book!