The Sketchbook Project

"It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks."

I am excited to be participating in the Sketchbook Project. This event is being executed by the Art House Co-op. The project will tour the United States beginning in February and will feature a collection of sketchbooks filled with work by various people from all over the place. The theme of the project is "everyone we know."

Each participant receives a small moleskine sketchbook and will fill it with his or her interpretation of the theme, however exact or vague it may be. I have started working on mine and am excited to see how it will turn out.

If you are in the Boston area, be sure to check out the Sketchbook Project at Laconia Gallery in the South End on March 6, 2009. For a list of additional tour dates and more information, check out



This is the figure of Mary from a Nativity scene I saw today. I like how she is not wearing her traditional blue, and I like the lace detail.

Happy Holidays

Here's hoping that you all have a very safe and happy holiday.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

Fraske Designs at Mass Craft Market on 12/14

I'll be a vendor at the upcoming Mass Craft Market!

What: Mass Market is a DIY flea market where record distros, local bands, button makers, bookbinders, artists, clothing designers, djs, vegan and vegetarian bakers, and many others will come together for a day of swapping, sharing, selling and buying art. Presented by Lindsay Metivier, co-produced by Brian Butler/The Upper Hand Art and Athena Moore/Apple Scruffs.
When: Sunday, December 14 from 12-6 pm
Where: MassArt's Pozen Center, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston
Why: Great place to shop for yourself or for the holidays, or just to look around!

New Tile Coasters

Here are some new tile coasters I made this weekend. I used 4" square rustic tiles and patterned paper. I made each design as a set of four, and the coasters are backed with cork.

Blue Dot Sale at Magpie in Davis Square

Are you ready for this winter? Beat those winter blues at the Blue Dot Sale at Magpie in Davis Square!

Take 25% off all items in the store with a blue dot sticker on its tag. The sale will last throughout the rest of the year. Magpie has a great selection of products like Gama-Go & Family Dinner For One t-shirts, Erica Weiner jewelry, Queen Bee bags, J.Mendicino vases, Taza Chocolates... not to mention prints and note cards by Yours Truly.

Get into it!

Boston Handmade Downtown - Opening November 28!

Exciting news! Boston Handmade is going to have a storefront in Downtown Crossing!

Make Boston Handmade Downtown
your shopping destination this holiday season!

505 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
in the heart of Downtown Crossing

Open November 28 - December 28
Thursdays through Sundays
11am - 7pm

Purchase original goods handmade by
more than 30 local artists,
artisans, & craftspeople


To make room for updated inventory for the upcoming holiday season, I am having a SALE in my online shop! For a limited time, select items will be up to 50% off. Perhaps you should start your shopping early while these items are still available!

Vernon Street Studios, Somerville: Open Studios

Saturday November 8 & Sunday November 9, 2008: 12 - 5 p.m.

Over 50 artists will welcome the public into their workspaces at 6 and 20 Vernon Street, a community well known throughout the area for the quality of work produced by artists with established reputations as well as exciting newcomers. Located in an historic 19th-century brick industrial building, Vernon Street housed the first group of artists to open their studios to the public in 1975. The Open Studios event allows attendees to learn about the creative process, interact with artists in the spaces where they create, purchase original artwork, and discover new talent.

On Saturday, November 8 from 5 - 7 p.m. there will be an Acoustic After Party featuring:

- Live music by the Super People & Jimmy T ( The Well) & Friends
- White Owl Farm Elixir Bar
- party sponsored by Highland Kitchen (150 Highland Avenue, Somerville)

The studios are located in the Rogers Foam facility, which is comprised of two buildings on the corner of Central and Vernon Streets.

Don't miss Joerg Fraske, Fraske Fine Art. Check this page out for more information and a list of participating artists.

Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Thanks to Shake and Bake over at Mad Tasty for inspiring me to make these vampire bite cupcakes for Halloween! It all started with their clever vampire cookies influenced by Baking Bites. Turns out Baking Bites had another tutorial for vampire cupcakes so I tried them out and look what happened:

I whipped up these delightful strawberry and vanilla cupcakes... complete with strawberry filling... because what is a Halloween treat without simulated blood and guts? The bites were made by piercing the tops with a skewer and trailing it a bit through the icing with leftover strawberry filling at the tip of the skewer.
Here's hoping you have a Halloween filled with plenty of more tasty treats!

Fancy Feast

An ash tray full of cat toys. Well, I guess it is better than being filled with cigarettes.

Letters to Cleo

Above is a student project I worked on in college: A sketch of a CD jacket. I chose to make a greatest hits album for Letters to Cleo, one of my all time favorite bands.
They are playing two reunion shows at the Paradise on December 8 and 9, tickets go on sale this Saturday, October 11. I'm pretty psyched.

Boston Handmade at SOWA Open Market October 12

More than 26 members of Boston Handmade will be exhibiting their work at the Sowa Open Market on Sunday, October 12th from 10am - 5pm.

Showing and selling handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, house wares, art, photography, toys, and sculpture. Boston Handmade promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works in small studio environments, not factories. For more info about Boston Handmade visit:

Mini Tile Collages

I took some spare tile blocks and made these mini collages out of images from a vintage Vogue magazine... thanks Mimi Kirchner for offering her stash of old magazines in a recent Boston Handmade swap!

Mini Tile Collages

Two Weeks until Baked Fresh

I am really looking forward to Baked Fresh on Sunday, October 5. It is a special installment of the South End Open Market which will feature local music, art, and funky handmade wares. Many Boston Handmade members will be there, among other amazing artists!
Also, if you wear a pair of converse sneakers, you can enter a raffle to win free items from the market. So random.

Baked Fresh will be at 540 Harrison Avenue on Sunday, October 5 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Trendy Tetris Brownies

I would like to extend a great big thank you to Craft Magazine and for featuring my Tetris Brownies this weekend! I am happy to spread the love and hope people have fun trying out the recipe.

Tetris Brownies

I am amazed by the efforts of one reader... my Tetris brownies inspired this video:

This is definitely motivation to create more themed food like my Tetris cookies and snake stromboli... whatever will I do next?

Lost Magazine

"As we go through our daily lives, we live largely in the now and in the future. But we stand on a past that still surrounds us in the form of whispers: whispers of old buildings, old objects, old lives. Whispers that, every day, go lost.

LOST Magazine is all about reclaiming those things that the world has passed by, that may or may not still be whispering around us."

Have you checked out Lost Magazine? If not, you should. A notable article this month is "What the Nose Knows" by Avery Gilbert; be prepared to recall smellscapes you forgot existed.

3191: A Year of Evenings

3191: A Year of Evenings is a visual log of the day to day lives of two friends who live on either side of the United States. Each day, there is a new post with two pictures: One from each side of the states. What a fantastic idea... they do a great job at bringing to life the mundane details that slip past us each day.

With government backing, I could make it very silly.

I had this poster in my room when I was younger:

...Because Monty Python and the Ministry of Silly Walks are amazing, clearly...

And I was pleasantly surprised to discover this stenciled t-shirt out there by ofenjen via Craft...

Good to know walking is still not taken completely seriously!

Do you see the alien?

... because I do.

Click the picture to see a larger version. This is of a creepy alien looking tree I found while taking pictures in Boston Common.

One of My First Creations: Portrait of a Teddy Bear

Packing for my upcoming move has brought many buried treasures to the surface. I found a very old creation of mine buried among some other more recent drawings... oldest documented mixed media piece of mine, perhaps? Behold, a paper cut out, glued, and crayon colored collage of my very favorite teddy bear Goldie.

Looks like I had a thing for hearts and the precarious placement of said shape. One thing is for sure: Goldie has been seriously loved over the years! I remember the day I got her. I was on vacation in NH with my family, I was 3 years old. My mom said I could get a stuffed animal, and I had it down to a teddy bear and a unicorn. The teddy bear won, and we proceeded to the check out counter. They had to do a price check because she was missing a price tag... she was the only one of her kind left and they ended up charging us $8. Why these details remain from my 3 year old mind, I have no idea, but Goldie is priceless now!

New Work

Commissioned piece for John: The basic request was a space/astronaut theme with vibrant colors incorporating the quote "because your life is full of pure desire, a place so gloriously wired with lights and sounds."

The mixed media piece is a combination of sketches, scans of old blueprints, an image from an old children's mystery book, and digital manipulation.

Sesame Street Jams

Sesame Street Flashback:

Oh, Smokey Robinson, U really got a hold on me.

Sesame Street Today, 20 something years later:

Thanks, Bust, for bringing this to my attention. I hope Sesame Street is still around for my kids someday! I can't imagine growing up without it!

New England Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach

It is that time of year again... the New England Sand Sculpting Festival is taking place from July 14 to July 20, 2008, at Revere Beach! I can't wait to stop by towards the end of the competition and see what the sculptors come up with this year. Maybe I'll get some fried clams or scallops at Kelly's Roast Beef while I'm there!

Boston Handmade Marketplace Re-cap

The Boston Handmade Marketplace was a huge success this weekend! So much of a success that I hardly had any time to walk around and say hello to the other vendors, let alone take any pictures (special thanks to Amy O'Keefe who came at just the right time to allow me to escape my booth for a few minutes in the middle of the day, and Bret for assisting with the break down).
There was a great turnout for the event. I asked around, and a lot of the people who visited my table had read about it in the Boston Globe. Thanks to Jessica Burko for being a superstar organizer! I know everyone was pleased with the event.
I had the pleasure of sitting next to Maddy of Lucky Monkey, a talented artist who wears many hats! I was able to meet some of the new members of Boston Handmade as well, so it was nice to put some names to faces. In addition, the people attending the event were all so friendly. All of that goodness plus no rain equaled a great show!

Almost Famous

I stumbled upon Etsy seller Almost Famous and really like a lot of the shop's selection. I got there via a search for Bill Murray and was delighted to find images inspired by many movies and musicians I have enjoyed over the years... particularly this print of Amelie at the Cinema.

The Boston Handmade Marketplace is only 2 weeks away!

Get Excited!

The Somerville Arts Council and Boston Handmade present an ArtsUnion event! More than 25 artists, artisans, and craftspeople will be showing and selling handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, housewares, art, photography, toys, and sculpture in Union Square (at the intersection of Washington, Prospect & Somerville Ave.) on June 28, 2008, 3-7pm.

The Boston Handmade Marketplace is an outdoor fair featuring work by Massachusetts artists, craftspeople and artisans associated with the arts group Boston Handmade and helping people make a living making things. This fair promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works in small studio environments, not factories. Also on tap will be live music, craft demonstrations, and more! Performers include local bands The Grownup Noise and James Christensen.


Boston Handmade was founded in March 2007 by artist Jessica Burko. Burko's interest in developing the group was to gather local Boston area artists, craftspeople, and artisans who were actively engaged in selling their handmade work on, a web site dedicated to the handmade life.

Gathering like minded, independent, creative people to work together towards reaching their common professional and artistic goals was the original driving force behind the idea of Boston Handmade and continues to be the main focus of the group. All group members write articles for the Boston Handmade blog and participate in organizing group activities like skill-share workshops, social/networking gatherings, and art fair/craft shows.

Antiqued Silver Swooping Swallow by Adorkable Jewelry

I enjoy this Swooping Swallow necklace by Adorkable on Etsy. This shop also features an octopus necklace that I have had my eye on for months.

Adorkable's shop features lots of unique jewelry items, particularly necklaces. It is a great place to look for interesting but sweet gifts!

New Fenway Prints and Preparing for Boston Handmade Marketplace

I added a new selection of my Fenway Park prints to my Etsy shop this weekend. There are still more to come, but this is the first of the new batch. I'll have some of them for sale at the Boston Handmade Marketplace coming up on June 28. It is approaching quickly... I need to get my inventory in order!

Snakes... why'd it have to be snakes?

Unless you are busy living under a rock or guarding the Holy Grail, you may have heard that "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was released this past weekend... and what is a new Indiana Jones movie without a marathon of the original three first? For the Indiana Jones marathon on Saturday, I made a snake themed stromboli. I think it was a much better choice than the bugs or monkey brains they ate in the real movies.

I swear it looked more snake like before it hit the oven. "A" for effort.

Felt Fortune Cookies

A while ago, I found this easy tutorial on how to make felt fortune cookies. I'd been waiting to find time to sit down and make a few. Recently, I had a friend who could use some good fortune, so I decided she would get my first felt fortune cookie experiment!

Making the fortune cookies was really simple. The tutorial suggests machine sewing, but I opted to sew by hand, and I think the result is just as good. I also altered the pattern slightly, but you will notice once you begin that there are probably several ways to achieve this final product. I used tan felt with a slightly contrasting yellow thread.

The fun part is writing the fortune and giving it away! Next time around, I might experiment with different color felts, fabrics, and sizes.


I decided to put some old sweaters to use and try my hand at making a stuffed animal. This repurposed creature is my first try... sure, there are imperfections, sure, he is not quite symmetrical, but I love him just the same! I made this stuffed animal partially by hand and partially by sewing machine. I am still working on mastering my sewing machine! Baby steps...

And Now For Something Completely Different

This is pretty much the way I will remember him... and also, the way he played a mean "Happy Birthday" on his accordion.

Matt Frado - Backyard Bluegrass

Matt Frado - Mobile Bluegrass

We'll miss you, Frado. May we someday meet again.

Save the Date - June 28 - Boston Handmade Marketplace

Boston Handmade Marketplace

Union Square, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 28 from 3pm to 7pm

Find Us!

The Boston Handmade Marketplace is an outdoor fair featuring work by Massachusetts artists, craftspeople and artisans associated with the arts group Boston Handmade and Helping people make a living making things.

This fair promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works.

Over 20 artists, artisans, and craftspeople will be showing and selling handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, housewares, art, photography, toys, and sculpture. Also on tap will be live music, craft demonstrations, and more!!

Presented by the Somerville Arts Council and ArtsUnion

Visit for more info.

New Fenway Photos

I added a few of my pictures from my tour of Fenway Park to my website. I'm still working on going through all of them - there are a lot - but these are some of my favorites so far. Prints will arrive in my online shop soon.

The Work of El Lohse

I'd just like to take a moment to mention the work of El Lohse. She is a woman after my own heart. Her artwork features characters from such films as those by Wes Anderson and television programs like The Office (both the British and American versions). You will also laugh at her Lincoln Log keychains. Her prints make great little gifts. I have purchased from her before and she is also a pleasure to deal with. Check out Elloh!

Somerville Open Studios This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Somerville Open Studios. I look forward to this event every year! Visit over 300 artist studios on May 3 and May 4 from noon to 6 pm. Walk, drive, or take the free trolley to and from the studios located all over the city. Download the map to find your way to all the stops you want to make. My favorite stop is Vernon Street, which is conveniently where my uncle Joerg Fraske's studio is located. At Vernon Street, you can spend a good chunk of time popping in and out of the many studios that fill two multi level buildings.

Rubik's Cube Cake

No, I haven't made one... yet! But I found some directions on how to put one "sweet" Rubik's Cube Cake together once I am ready to try. If you want to make your own Rubik's Cube Cake, check out this tutorial.

Fenway Park

I went on a tour of Fenway Park yesterday and I am excited about some of the new pictures I got. I took almost a hundred, so I hope that once I go through them all, I will have a good handful of nice shots to add to my collection.