Our fourth stop on our trip through Europe was Berlin, Germany. I was excited about visiting Berlin because my dad was born there. The city was rich with history, amazing architecture, and great food and drink. Unfortunately, it was rainy for the majority of our visit, but we didn't let that stop us from exploring. We stayed at the luxurious Hotel Adlon Kempinski which - fun fact - is the hotel where Michael Jackson famously dangled one of his children from a window. The hotel was right next the the Brandenburg Gate, an amazing location for sure.

Reichstag Building


Approaching Topography of Terror

Alex is the wurst

Beer stop during a rain shower
Neptune Fountain

Brandenburg Gate

Schloss Charlottenburg

Still-standing section of Berlin Wall

Berlin Cathedral

Corner of Dad's childhood street!
Entrance to Dad's childhood
apartment building

View of Dad's childhood
apartment building

Checkpoint Charlie

Section of Berlin Wall that is still standing

Sanssouci, the former summer palace of
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia


Our third stop on our trip through Europe was Amsterdam. This visit was a treat because it was a window into Alex's past - he worked in Amsterdam for a while several years ago. I got to see all of his old favorite places, and we checked out what was new and different in the city since he had left. We rented an apartment near the center of town and got to exploring. I thought Amsterdam was a beautiful city.

Amsterdam's Train Station

Houses on the water

View from inside a restaurant

Frank Fort!

Along a canal

A parking lot... for bikes.

Alex's name is still on his old mailbox!

Herring anyone?

dinner at an old and rustic restaurant

after dinner drinks at a hole in the wall


... I see France.

After popping by London, our next stop on our jaunt through Europe was Paris, France. We took the train from London to Paris, and I had my first experience with the Chunnel. Aside from some ear-popping and slight anxiety about being on a train that whizzes through a tunnel under the English Channel, our commute from London to Paris was quick and easy.

We had beautiful weather in Paris, and we covered some serious ground. My first glance of Paris was the city at twilight with the Eiffel Tower illuminated in the background. Pretty awesome. It was beautiful in daylight as well. Then we walked along the Champs Élysées... where I sang Champs Élysées by NOFX to myself... it's the little things in life, people! My favorite part about our stop in Paris was lunch in the Luxembourg Gardens on a beautiful sunny day - complete with people watching and a band playing live music in the background. Again, the little things! Here are some of my favorite shots from Paris:

Just arrived from London... walking along the Seine at night.

Aux Champs-Élysées,
Aux Champs-Élysées.
Au soleil sous la pluie
A midi ou minuit
Il y a tout c' que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Élysées

Reunion with Alex's friend Marc from grad school

Approaching the Eiffel Tower

Walking the streets of Paris

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Making our mark on the Love Lock Bridge by Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Louvre

Passing through London

Over the summer, Alex and I went on a whirlwind trip through Europe. Five cities in twelve days. First stop: London! Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Our navigation captain Alex, without whom the
discoveries of this trip would not have been possible.
(Well... until he gave up mapping duties when we
landed in Berlin, at least.)

On our way from our hotel to check out
this city of London we keep hearing about!

Passing through Piccadilly Circus

View of Big Ben from one of London's oldest pubs

Surprise dinner at "Dinner by Heston Blumenthal" which gained
a Michelin star within a year of opening in 2011, and was
rated 7th best restaurant in the world in 2013, NBD!
I felt a little out of place showing up after a long day of
sightseeing in jeans and a t shirt but they didn't seem to mind.

Window gardens on our walk to the Tate Modern Museum

More from our walk to the Tate Modern.

A lovable pigeon who was hanging out on the pavement
when we arrived at the Tate, and was still
lounging on the pavement when we left
a couple of hours later. He was pretty chill.
Yes - I believe it was the same pigeon both times.

Borough Market: location of Alex's favorite sandwich
from the entire trip (salt beef sandwich for those wondering)
as well as two pretty incredible smoothies.
Plus many other delicacies we sadly did not get a chance to try.  

London Bridge!

Blue Trees of London

London residents in their natural habitat: Ye Olde Cheshire Pub.

I think this is Westminster Abbey but I honestly don't remember!

Pretty scene from a time when we stopped walking
from exhaustion and sat in a park.

Big Ben!

Trying to make it to Harrods before it closed at 9pm.
We missed it by a moment, but I enjoyed seeing it
from the outside at night, at least.

Next up... Paris, France!